Financial planning is a process that creates a comprehensive picture of your personal and financial life, aligns them with your specific needs and goals, and provides recommendations and a roadmap on how to achieve these goals. A working financial plan will bring clarity and simplicity to your complex financial needs and help you prioritize your financial objectives.

Wealth Management is a unique blend of comprehensive financial planning, long-term retirement planning, personalized investment management, tax-smart asset allocation, risk management, tax advisory, and estate planning with a long-term focus on achieving your goals. Wealth management is a concierge-level holistic financial service that incorporates various components and stages of your financial life.

You may contact our office at 925-448-9880 or 415-851-3061 or set a time on our calendar. We will gather your contact information and schedule an introductory phone call. The discovery call typically lasts between 15-30 minutes, and we use it to learn more about you and your goals. We also provide some information about our firm.

A fiduciary financial advisor is a trusted partner committed to providing YOU with objective and trustworthy investment advice in your BEST interest only.

We offer flexible fee schedules depending on your specific needs and the complexity and size of your wealth, income, and investable assets.

Comprehensive Financial Plan – Starting @ $3,000
Ideal for do-it-yourself clients who need initial guidance on achieving their goals.

Hourly Financial Planning – @ $300 per hour / 2-hour minimum
Ideal for clients looking for a short-term engagement or expecting multiple events or life changes over a more extended period.

Asset Under ManagementUp to %
Up to $1 million1.00%
From $1 million to $2 million0.90%
From $2 million to $3 million0.80%
From $3 million to $4 million0.70%
From $4 million to $5 million0.60%
Over $5 million0.50%

  1. Tech Professionals

  2. Business Owners

  3. Physicians

  4. Professionals preparing for retirement

Step 1. Introduction – You will tell us about your needs and financial goals. We will introduce you to our wealth management services and offer solutions to help you achieve your milestones and objectives.

Step 2. Data Gathering – We will collect essential information and data to establish a complete picture of your financial situation.

Step 3. Analysis – We will review and analyze your financials and investments in light of specific circumstances.

Step 4. Planning – We will prepare a financial plan with a list of recommendations on how to achieve your financial goals.

Step 5. Investing – We will craft an investment and asset allocation strategy tailored to your plan and specific financial needs and goals.

Step 6. Monitoring – We will monitor your investments and finances to ensure your progress in achieving your milestones and priorities.

Step 7. Update – We will conduct regular one-on-one meetings to update your financial plan as your financial situation evolves and life circumstances change.

  1. Master of Business Administration in Finance

  2. Bachelor’s in Accounting.

  3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

  4. 20+ years of financial industry experience, 12 years on Wall Street.

Make sure to look for a fiduciary and fee-only financial advisor who will work in your best interest.

Comprehensive Financial Plan starts at $3,000 per plan.

Wealth Management Service starts at 1% of Assets Under Management.

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