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Babylon Wealth Management is a fee-only financial advisor, providing personalized wealth management solutions for our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. We believe that every client is unique and tailor our approach to your specific needs and objectives.

As fiduciary advisors, we do not earn a commission and do not sell financial products. We are compensated by you and you only.

We utilize our BESPOKE ALPHA® strategy to provide you with personalized investment experience.

San Francisco Bay Area Wealth Management

Why is our Wealth Management service right for you?

Our Wealth Management service is a unique blend of comprehensive financial planning, long term retirement planning, tailored investment management, tax-smart asset allocation, risk management, tax advisory, estate planning, and college planning with a long term focus on you and your goals. We offer concierge-level Wealth advisory geared to your specific needs through life transitions. In many cases, we serve as a multi-generational family office and become a trusted advisor as you manage and transfer assets and investments between generations.

Investment Management

Our investment management solutions are powered by our BESPOKE ALPHA® strategy. We combine individual stock selection with a pool of well-diversified professional mutual funds managers and ETFs with an outstanding historical track record and laser focus on risk management and achieving higher risk-adjusted returns.

As the first step of our process, our clients have to fill out an investment questionnaire that will determine your risk tolerance level and the ability to accept market volatility. We use our proprietary model portfolios, which correspond to our clients’ risk tolerance level. Once we make the initial investments, all portfolios are monitored daily for rebalancing and tax loss harvesting opportunities. Additionally, we offer a tax-smart asset location by designing a tax-efficient placement of your investments between your accounts to produce better long-term tax-adjusted returns.

Our clients will have access to the best in class performance reporting. Using our Black Diamond platform, you can access and analyze your performance from any device at any point in time.

Financial Planning

Personalized financial planning is the cornerstone of your ability to achieve your financial goals. We offer financial planning as a standalone service or as part of our wealth management package. Our flagship financial planning method relies on our partnership with Right Capital. Our technology tools allow us to create an interactive, dynamic, and transparent financial plan that makes real-time changes to your plan as your financial and life circumstances evolve.

Tax Advisory

As your income and wealth grow so is the complexity of your taxes. We strive to be proactive and create tax-efficient strategies that correspond to your complex financial needs.

Estate planning

We help our legacy minded clients with the process of securing and transforming their legacy. By completing your estate plan, you will protect your family and loved ones in case of sudden and unforeseen events. Having an estate plan will avoid the lengthy court probate and will guarantee that your wealth will be spread in a way that makes sense to you.

College planning

Many of our clients wish to help their children with their future college expenses. With the ever-rising cost of a college degree, it becomes crucial to be proactive and strategic in your approach to save for your kids’ higher education. We believe that 529 plans are one of the best tax-advantaged ways to save for college. In addition, we will craft a college savings strategy that best suits your family needs.

Risk Management

We take a proactive approach in assessing the various levels of risk that can harm your career and financial prosperity. Some risks can be protected with solid insurance. Others can be managed and hedged with a focused long term strategy.

Charitable Giving

Many of our clients are philanthropic and want to contribute to worthy charitable causes. For our philanthropic clients, we will offer a personalized charitable giving strategy that maximizes the impact of your donations with respect to your financial and tax circumstances.

Wealth Management Fees

Wealth Management services include fee-only investment management, tax alpha strategies, personalized financial planning, tax planning, risk management, estate planning, charitable giving, and more.

Asset Under ManagementUp to  %
Up to $1 million1.00%
From $1 million to $2 million0.90%
From $2 million to $3 million0.80%
From $3 million to $4 million0.70%
From $4 million to $5 million0.60%
Over $5 million0.50%
Over $10 million0.40%
Over $20 million0.25%

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